Our Charges  LCL ,FCL and FOB


we will All charges are by negotiation and will depend on the complexity of the work involved. This applies particularly to our Buying Agency work that can be extremely time-consuming but we are confident that you will find all quotations more than competitive, for the standard of service that we offer. If you would like us to contact you regarding a particular consignment or order please e-mail to us and then submit your details in order that we can get back to you. General guide prices, of our various services, may be found below.


We send either DHL or FedEx in 3 days right to your door or air freight what ever you want. Again just ask us. Please note airfreight charges e.g. to Australia we an export to you 48 kilos minimum volume by weight approx. 250 T shirts 75 baht per kilo & 1500 baht handling and packing charges. However to say South Africa the rate is approx. 140 baht per kilo. Due to the baht fluctuation at the moment these figures change often and enclosed is for reference purposes only.


LCL = LOOSE CONTAINER LOAD: This term is used when you the customer wishes to send a lesser amount than a Full Container Load. We can send a LCL anytime our customers wish, especially those times when the stock gets low on the best seller but yet the rest of the stock has the high inventory. Don’t worry give us a call we can ship out right away and get you back up on your feet without having to send a full container.

FCL = FULL CONTAINER LOAD: This term is used when you the customer wishes to send a Full Container Load. There are 20’ or 40’ containers available and sometimes without any additional charges depending on the freight line a customer can use a high cube. High cube means the container is just a little higher and gives you the customer more room without having to book a extra container.


Our fees are based depending on quantity and place we must source eg. Laos, Cambodia, China we will incur additional travel/fax & telephone costs. As each shipment is different we can only quote costs once we know what a customer wants. For ongoing services we can arrange Letter of Credit and other credit lines. Remember we will source anywhere in Asia for the products you want and our rates are excellent. The longer you stay with us the cheaper it gets but please don't waste your time ordering 50 Polo shirts as the cost of shipping far outweighs the price paid. Try for min 1cbm LCL. We can ship single items by Fed-Ex or Air Shipment but like stated above the cost usually out ways the cost of the item but then again it still may be cheaper than getting in your own country.

As we ship often from Chiangmai many customers want  wood products to concrete, tiles, terracotta etc. Insurance is extra but you can insure yourself to cover the travel time between ports which can be better for you should you have a problem, like ship sinking, damage at the port which we have no control of and nor do you as a customer unless you have insurance. Our insurance is international and claiming is universal, so you will be able to claim should there ever be a problem.





























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