Put your career in a Safestore

As the chiangmai shipiang and packing ’s No 1 provider of self storage in the Thailand, there is nowhere better. We operate almost 80 stores nationwide, offering more than 37,000 rentable units and office space in over 3 million square feet of space. Which means there is plenty of scope for you to enjoy and develop a great career - in one of our stores or at our head office in Chiang Mai Thailand. We will provide you with every opportunity to achieve your ambitions. As well as rewarding your hard work and effort with an excellent salary, bonuses and other fantastic benefits. If you’ve never worked in self storage before, you’ll be surprised how different and involving it can be - especially, in a Safe store.

Cariers  Services

In a Safe store, you’re ‘selling’ storage space rather than the usual high street fare. You’ll make the most of all your retail, sales and customer service skills - advising and providing your customers with the best storage for their requirements. There’s much more responsibility here too. As your customers are entrusting you to look after their personal, valuable and important items - be it a national business or a local householder

If you need to send something urgently across continents then the best way is usually by using a Courier Service. Courier is more expensive than the normal Postal Service but more reliable and much quicker. Chiangmai shippping and packing co.ltd. uses three internationally known courier services, DHL, FedEx and UPS. This means that we can select the best option for you taking into consideration our knowledge of each company’s service record delivering similar items or offer you an alternative if you wish.

All the companies regularly have promotional discounts but these are not necessarily run at the same time. By monitoring all three we can offer you the most cost effective way to courier your goods. Goods are usually delivered to the door. i.e. the Courier Service will handle all aspects of Customs clearance at the country of destination and before delivery inform the recipient of any duty that they need to pay. The item will not be delivered before the recipient or you has cleared these additional charges

All three Couriers offer additional services such as extra insurance and/or an express service option and the item can be tracked on-line.

Export restrictions

Certain live animals and plants are restricted/prohibited by government Antiques,objects of arts and religious images :Export license form the fine art Department is required. For detailed information please check with the local offices.






























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